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Dermestid Beetles are a species of beetles which eat raw flesh and are used to clean skulls and bones. TALIAS BEETLE BUGS has been selling Dermestid beetles all over the nation for 7 years, including Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Alaska. I sell to Universities, Taxidermists, biological research centers, Veterinarians, and public schools. My daughter, Talia started cleaning skulls with Dermestids at 8 years old and calls the beetles her cleaning friends. My customers often return to purchase more Dermestids. I guarantee a healthy colony which is mite free, live inside my house, and only eat human grade raw meat. In each order you will receive a mixture of beetles, larvae, pupa, and bedding full of eggs. I will provide a detailed care sheet to ensure your success and am available for questions before and after your purchase. We will ship with a heat pack if necessary and if you are not satisfied with your beetles just contact us. Happy skull cleaning,         

Natalie, the beetle girl at TALIAS BEETLE BUGS!

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 Dermestid Care Tips

Your colony can be kept in a plastic tub, aquarium, or an old freezer. My beetles live in cotton balls but, you may also use shredded newspaper or aspen wood chips. Watch my video on how to prepare a habitat. Ventilation is important and I cut out the top of the plastic tub and screen the lid with three layers of screen to keep out flies and fly eggs. The beetles must be kept at 80 degrees and in the dark for optimal skull cleaning and reproduction. You may use a reptile heating pad or reptile red heating light to keep the temperature at 80 degrees.  Keep the humidity down as you do not want mites or mold. The beetles are fed raw meat every day and I use raw ground turkey. All animal parts must be frozen prior to placing the items into the colony to kill off any invasive species. I only spray mist with water once a month as the beetles will receive moisture from the meat. A fan can add air movement over or thru the colony to keep the humidity low. The size of the colony to purchase depends on the size of the skull you would like to clean. A 1500 colony will clean a bird or squirrel skull immediately. You may also grow a 1500 colony for a couple of weeks and then clean a deer  skull. These are only tips and a detailed care sheet will be sent with the Dermestids. Please follow us on Instagram and Facebook. You may email me with questions at any time at We want you to succeed!  Natalie, the beetle girl at TALIAS BEETLE BUGS.

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Dermestid Beetle Gallery

TALIAS BEETLE BUGS customer pictures of Dermestid beetle cleaning and finished skulls!

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Dermestid Time lapse!
Creating your Dernestid Colony!
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For general inquiries or feedback, please get in touch with us.

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