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Joey T. 9-27-23  I purchased beetles from Talia's Beetle Bugs back in 2018. I had such a great experience, here I am 5 years later purchasing beetles on behalf of the college I attend for their aquaponics lab! Not only are the beetles cheap for what you get, but Natalie does an excellent job answering any questions you may have. If you're on the market for dermestids, look no further. Your searching has lead you to the right place!
6-12-23 Kayla-I received my beetles with very helpful information and well packaged beetles. Definitely recommend!
5-2-23 CristenThe beetles all lived and are doing really well. Any questions I had about them were answered quickly. I definitely recommend Talias beetles.

2-20-23 Jocelyn- Highly recommended!

3-2023-Rebecca-My second time buying from Talia's. The first time I ended up with three separate colonies big enough to clean deer skulls. They look fantastic!

11-26-23 L. Stam This women is the kindest most compassionate person I have ever met! My daughter has Autism and long story short all her beatles died because of my mom. This amazing women gave us a whole new colony free of charge! I could not have afforded another colony. Even though on her website they are very well priced. I highly suggest purchasing from her over any others! If I could give a 10 star review I would!

4-10-22 John R. She was prompt on getting my order taken care of. Everything came better than expected with at least the number of beetles I ordered, if not more. They were healthy upon arrival and are doing well. 

4-25-22 Chris G. Absolutely amazing business! Very informative, very good interaction! 100% will purchase from this business again. Definitely recommend to everyone!

3-1-22 Alyssa M., Couldn't have been better! Beetles arrived all the way to Alaska warm and well!!

2-7-23 Richard-I've been cleaning skulls for over 15 years and have purchased dermestids from several sources. Talias beetles have been the most reliable I've ever gotten. She's a pro!

9-3-21 Brandy- Highly recommend! Always friendly and informative and healthy bugs!!

5-20-21, Richard I've been using Dermestids for over 15 years to clean skulls and purchased them from 5-6 different sources. NEVER had such excellent service. Bugs arrived arrived warm, healthy, and abundant. Personal touches and wonderful customer service. Natalie's colonies stand out. 

6-14-21, Zosia - All the beetles were amazing quality! I couldn't see a single dead one, and they took to feeding straight away. They all arrived on time, the care pamphlet was super helpful, and very well written. 10/10 would recommend these beetles. 

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Curious to know what we’re really capable of? Take a look at what our customers have to say about us. We love getting feedback in order to improve our business operations, and invite you to read some of our testimonials below.

8-16-21, Weston What a great service all around. So helpful from start to finish. My beetles are happy and healthy in their habitat that I designed after all the help from Talias Beetle bugs!! The updates and information after purchasing are flawless they made the process so easy!! I highly recommend and I will be ordering more soon to build the colony faster!! 

9-26-21 Bart H.-Natalie was so helpful in getting me the info I needed to be ready for the arrival of my beetles. My beetles arrived safe and sound thanks to her and the little fellas went right to work. 

9-19-21 Jeffery E.-Great customer service. Healthy beetles. Put fresh meat in with my order when they arrived in Alaska from California and they covered it and devoured it. Balanced order of beetles and larvae. 

10-28-21. Taylor I ordered a huge amount of bugs from Natalie at Talias beetle bugs ( my second time ordering from them ) and everything looked great! They came a day earlier than expected. The bugs were warm and super viable and healthy looking. Absolutely the best place to order from

4-13-22 Katrina B.- Wonderful communication from the owner. The beetles arrived quickly, safely, and well contained. The come with a detailed care guide which I follow closely-my beetles are thriving and very happy. 

7-16-21 McGrath Taxidermy, Id like to thank you again for more awesome beetles to add in my shop! You have been a great help to all my questions and you sent them quickly. 

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1-30-22 Billy H. - Great to do business with! Will definitely purchase from them again!

8-30-21 Patrick-This was the absolute best customer service I have ever worked with. I bought bug from another bug named dealer and all there bugs were In the same life cycle which was horrible for growing my colony. But here I got the perfect mixer! On top of all this there was a problem with the post office but there was no hesitation they sent out another order no question asked. As of now my beetles are eating absolutely amazing fast and efficient. I won’t look anywhere else but here when I buy more!

Testimonials: Testimonials
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